End sealing functionality ensuring systems SAPPD
End sealing functionality ensuring systems SAPPD
It is for storing, cooling down, refill of quantity and automatic maintenance of pressure fall of barrier liquid in a cooling system of double end sealing.

SAPPD is used in piping according to the 53C API 682 plan.


  • Contains a detachable heat exchanger, differential hydro-sucker and a hand supercharging pump NPR 3-35K;
  • Detachable type construction (for convenience in cleaning of inside surface);

Kit contents:

  • Bimetallic thermometer at barrier liquid’s entrance to the heat exchanger;
  • Indicating manometer on the line of pumping up of barrier liquid into a seal;
  • Visual control device of barrier liquid in a differential sucker;
  • Connector to connect a temperature sensor;
  •  Safety valve.

Material used:

  • Stainless steel AiSi 321H, 420;
  • Rubber mixtures on the basis of fluorelastomer, perfluorelastomer.
Main characteristics of SAPPD 1,1-7,5/2-35k
Barrier liquid Mineral oil, synthetic oil, diesel fuel, water, etc.
Coolant Chemically desalted water and other heattransfer agents.
Barrier liquid quantity, l

  • in a strapping of a heat exchanger
  • in a differential hydro-sucker


Hydraulic gain coefficient 1,1
Working liquid temperature (product), °C, not more than from –20 to +200
Barrier liquid temperature when entering a tank, °C, not more than 90
Barrier liquid working head, mPa (kgf/sm2 not more than) 3,85 (38,5)
Coolant’s head, mPa (kgf/sm2 not more than) 10
Recommended coolant’s temperature at a tank’s entrance, °C 20…30
Recommended coolant’s discharge, m3/h 0,6…1,2
Calculated power of an in-build heat exchanger, kW 3,5
Mass, kg 66
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