Pump and compressor equipment modernization

Equipment troubleshooting and inspection, engineer’s visit, providing an equipment evaluation report. Providing operating, repair (recovery), or modernization recommendations.

Restoring initial performance of pumps, improving the pumping equipment design based on the state-of-the-art advances in the pump industry, aimed at creating additional benefits.

Bench tests conducted in cooperation with the Customer at the manufacturer’s territory, to confirm the equipment performance characteristics and parameters, both stated and confirmed, following repair (recovery) or modernization.

Modernization of centrifugal pump bearing support:

  • improving the lubrication system by re-estimating and enhancing the oil tank volume;
  • updating the oil level monitoring system and modifying the shaft labyrinth system;
  • re-estimating and improving the rolling element bearings;
  • changing from water to air cooling of the bearing support.

Improving the thermal barrier cooling:

  • enhancing the heat insulation efficiency on the pumpage side;
  • ability to reduce the axial dimensions in a new design.

Improving the impeller geometry.

Improving the wet end.

Fabrication of spare parts for imported equipment per sample.

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