We design, manufacture and supply equipment for the oil and gas producing and oil refining industries, energy, metallurgy, utilities:

  • NK, NKV, NPS Type Oil Fuel Pumps
  • CNS, CNSh, CNSn Type Sectional Pumps
  • ND Type Metering Plunger Pumps
  • NDR-2M Type Metering Diaphragm Pumps
  • Т, PТ Type Three-plunger Crank Pumps
  • End Seals and End Seal Support Systems
  • Pressure Fall Automatic Maintenance System on the Basis of a Differential Hydro-sucker SAPPD
  • MK Type Plate Couplings
  • Safety valve KО 302 M
  • Adjustable choke SHR
  • Safety valve 17s52p
  • Drilling equipment and fishing tools.

We are based on the needs of the client and, in most cases, the technical solution is the result of a joint activity of the customer and the technical specialist of our company.

Having at our disposal several production sites equipped with high-tech equipment (including foundry, heat treatment, metalworking centers, test bench) our company provides manufacturing and repair of pumping equipment of any complexity.

Products of LLC Oil and Gas Equipment Plant conforms to requirements of domestic regulatory documents and international standards ISO 13709/API 610 and API The supplied equipment has all permits for use in high-risk facilities of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Our experts work for you at all stages: from design and selection of equipment to commissioning and maintenance.

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