Implementation of a lean manufacturing system

The company’s management made a decision to implement the Lean Production system in terms of its most effective tools, which will be able to demonstrate positive changes in improvement of production efficiency and sales within a short period of time. Currently, there are approximately 25 known basic tools of the Lean Production system, which were used in the activities of industrial enterprises in Ukraine, the CIS countries, and abroad.

It is known that building on existing problems of an organisation is the main feature of the Lean Production, rather than a tribute to fashion. The minimum financial cost of implementation is another important feature of the Lean Production system. Almost all Lean Production instruments are implemented by means of organisation, motivation, and providing incentives to the staff.

5S system was chosen as the first step in the implementation of the Lean Production system at the enterprise, with makes it possible to standardize any workplace, from machine operators to mid and top level managers. Currently, the company executes the approved 5S Project Implementation Plan.

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