We are a modern closed-cycle machine-building enterprise with a well-developed infrastructure, providing a wide range of services: from developing detailed engineering drawings to after-sales service of finished products. Out highly qualified engineering and technical personnel is engaged in preparation to and support of production at all project execution stages. Engineering support is provided using the resources of the Design Engineering Bureau, Chief Process Engineer’s Department, team of programmers, Quality Control Department, Mechanical Supervisor’s staff, Chief Power Engineer’s staff, Supply Division, and Planning and Dispatching Department.

Basic production is provided by a fleet of next-generation precision machinery: HAAS ST25, ST40, ST45 —CNC lathe machining centre; HAAS EC1600YZT —horizontal milling four-axis machining centre; HAAS VF-3YT — vertical machining centre; programmable rotary table HAAS HRT 310 (fourth axis).

In addition to machining centres, we use CNC machines as follows: CNC chucking lathe, model 1740; CNC vertical mill FP17М; CNC turret lathes 1В340F3, 1В340F30, 16B16Т.

The enterprise features a large fleet of overhauled universal equipment as well as all necessary lifting devices. The universal equipment fleet includes machines as follows: threading lathes 1М63; universal threading lathes 1А64 with a taper attachment; universal threading lathes 1М65; threading lathes 16К20, 1А625, 1К62; vertical turning lathes 1510 and 1531М; cylindrical grinding machines 3М132В; cylindrical grinding machines 3М153; face-grinding machines 3Д711В; horizontal boring machines 2А620; horizontal boring machines 2А614; milling machines FSS-315, 6Р83; radial drilling machines 20132, VO-63, 25Л32.

Works (services):

Lathe turning of parts with a diameter under 1,250 mm, including:

  • shafts under 3 m;
  • cutting of special-purpose taper and tool-joint threads.

Milling of parts with size under 1,626х1,270х1,016 mm.

Welding, gas-welding operations, facing using Paton welding unit.

Cutting of workpieces using a bandsaw blade with a diameter under 380 mm, torch cutting of sheets under 100 mm.

Heat treatment: (normalization, hardening, annealing, gas mixture hardening), part length under 3,000 mm, diameter under 450 mm.

Grinding: interior, exterior, face, grinding of holes with a diameter under 280 mm, depth under 700 mm, cylindrical grinding of parts under 2,000 mm with a diameter under 400 mm.

Hydraulic pressure tests up to 16 MPa, vibration and unbalance tests.

Painting of oversized items

Process equipment

Equipment groupCapacities
Modern machining centres
CNC lathe
(manufacturing accuracy, ±0.005 mm)
Envelope size:

-527х533 mm, bar diameter — 76 mm, 3,400 rpm (boring instead of grinding is possible);
-648×1,118 mm, bar diameter — 103 mm, 2,400 rpm (boring instead of grinding is possible);
-648×1,118 mm, bar diameter — 165 mm, 1,400 rpm;
CNC milling, boring
(manufacturing accuracy, ±0.005 mm)
Envelope size:

-1,627х1,270х1,016 mm, 4th axis of 360º — rotary table with a diameter of 700 mm, 6000 rpm;
-1,016х660х635 mm, 8100 rpm;
rotary table HRT 310 — angular resolution of 0.001 degrees, chuck size of 310 mm, center hole of 82 mm
CNC equipment
CNC lathe
(manufacturing accuracy, ±0.04 mm)
Envelope size:

-630×1,500 mm, 1,600 rpm, accuracy class Н as per GOST 8-82;
-125х750 mm, 1,000 rpm, accuracy class П as per GOST 8-82;
-200х120 mm, 1,000 rpm, accuracy class Н as per GOST 8-82
CNC milling
(manufacturing accuracy, ±0.01 mm)
Envelope size:

-FP17М: 1,600×700х310 mm

Universal equipment fleet
(manufacturing accuracy, ±0.03 mm)
Envelope size:

diameter: up to 1,250 mm;
linear dimension: up to 3,000 mm
(manufacturing accuracy, ±0.01 Milling (manufacturing accuracy, ±0.01 mm))
Envelope size:

-1,600х400 mm

Boring, multi-axis boring
(manufacturing accuracy, ±0.01 mm)
Envelope size:

-1,120х1,250 mm
(manufacturing accuracy, ±0.005 mm)
Grinding types:

– cylindrical: diameter up to 400 mm, linear dimension up to 2,000 mm;
– face: 1,250х320х400 mm
– interior: grinding diameter: from 40 mm to 400 mm; linear dimension up to 1,200 mm
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