Main Activities

Manufacturing equipment for the oil and gas industries, metallurgy,
energy, utilities:

  • NK, NKV, NPS Type Oil Fuel Pumps;
  • T, PT Type Three-plunger Crank pumps;
  • ND Type Metering Plunger Pumps;
  • D, CN, PE, SE Water Pumps;
  • Radial piston pumps type NR 2-1250;
  • Pumps for neutral liquids;
  • End Seals and End Seal Support Systems;
  • Plate Couplings;
  • Drilling Equipment and Fishing Tools;
  • Pipe Fittings;
  • Orifices.

The supplied equipment has all permits for use in high-risk facilities..


  • Upgrading of equipment:
    • upgrading of shaft end seals in centrifugal pumps (replacing stuffing box seals with end seals)
    • optimization of thermal barriers in “hot” centrifugal pumps
    • improving the service life and reliability of centrifugal pump bearing units
    • modernization of rotor unloading units from axial forces in multistage centrifugal pumps
    • increasing the service life of pumps, due to the use of lining with modern polymeric materials
  • Problem solving within process chains of enterprises:
    • initial site diagnostics, analysis and expert assessment
    • design and feasibility studies
    • development of design and process control documentation
    • engineering consulting services
  • Implementation of long-term large-scale projects
  • General technical support of production
  • Industrial implementation of research results

Services provided to other business:

  • Mechanical processing to customer drawings
  • Heat treatment
  • Service support for efficient equipment operation
    • installation supervision and commissioning
    • warranty service, service support during the postwarranty period
    • original spare parts supply
    • technical advices
    • training
  • Repair of equipment at the manufacturer’s production facilities or at the customer’s site
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