Water ring vacuum pumps VVN type
Water ring vacuum pumps VVN type
Water ring vacuum pumps VVN type are designed (depending on the material of the flow path) for suction of air, inert or aggressive gases, insoluble in water, in order to create or maintain a vacuum.
The working fluid is water.

They are used in the chemical, mining and metallurgical, coal, food, pulp and paper industries, agriculture, construction and medicine.


The pump is delivered fully assembled, which does not require disassembly during de-preservation and installation, according to the terms of reference in the following completeness:

• pump assembled with foundation plates or on a common frame, foundation bolts, counter flanges;
• coupling connecting the ends of the shafts;
• drainage basin (if provided by the design);

• a set of spare parts, tools and accessories;
• technical documentation.

Designation Productivity reduced to initial suction conditions, m3 / min Initial pressure, MPa Final pressure, MPa Supply water temperature, С Nominal gas temperature, С Nominal water consumption, l / min Power consumption, kW Shaft rotation frequency (sync.), per minute Pump weight without drive, kg
VVN2-50M 52±5 0,02 0,1013 15±3 20±5 73 73 600 1350
VVN2-150M 150 0,02 0,1013 15±3 20±5 370 180 300 5850
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