Oil fuel pumps NPS type
Oil fuel pumps NPS type
Oil fuel pumps NPS type can be assigned for transferring and piping oil, oil products, dry hydrocarbon gases and other liquids, which have similar physicochemical features and the same corrosive impact to the pump component material; temperature from minus 80 °C plus +200 °C. The allowed level of nonabrasive solid particles in the pumped fluid is not more than 0,2% w/w; the allowed particle size is not more than 0,2 mm.
Oil fuel pumps NPS type can be used in technological installations petrochemical, petro- and the gas-processing enterprises, delivery system of fuel (Termal Power Station), large boiler and inflate stations.
Temperature, °С from – 80 to +200
Flow rate at max plunger stroke, l/h from 35 to 200
Nominal head, m from 500 to 750

Pumps NPS type – oil fuel centrifugal interbasic section eight-step cell type with a flat horizontal case. Details of a running part of pumps – carbon steel. Pump impeller – one-way: are located on a shaft in two groups by four wheels between portable ball-bearing support. For unloading of a rotor from axial forces entrance apertures of driving impellers of both groups are turned into the opposite sides. Greasing of bearings – liquid, circulating.

Performance according to the material of flow part:

С — carbonic steel ASTM A216WCB, A352LCB
Н — chromium-nickel steel UNS J92630, J92701


Technical Characteristics
Pump type Nominal supply, m3/h Nominal head, m Speed of rotation, per min Engine power, kW
NPS 65/35-500 65/35 500 3000 55...200
NPS 120/65-750 120/65 750 3000 400
NPS 200/700 200 700 3000 630
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