Centrifugal pumps CNSn type
Centrifugal pumps CNSn type
Pumps of the CNSn types are intended for pumping watercut gas-saturated and commercial oil in the systems of infield collection, preparation and transportation of oil without hydrogen sulfide.


The pumps are horizontal multistage sectional with onesided impellers. The axial forces of the rotor are absorbed by a specially designed hydraulic foot assembly. The rotor is supported by grease lubricated rolling bearings. The torque from the drive motor is transmitted to the pump by means of a sleeve-pin or elastic plate coupling. The connecting dimensions of the end seal chamber comply with the requirements of the ISO 13709 (API 610) standard with the possibility of installing single or double cartridge-type mechanical seals in accordance with ISO 21049 (API 682), as well as the design provides for the installation of gland-type seals.

Characteristics of the pumped medium:

• content of solid inclusions in the amount of not more than 1.5% by volume and a particle size of not more than 1 mm;
• the maximum allowable temperature of the pumped oil + 60 ° C;
• density 900-1050 kg/m³;
• kinematic viscosity no more than 120 cSt;
• volumetric gas content not more than 3%, pressure not more than 0.0666 MPa (500 mm Hg);
• the paraffin content is not more than 20%.


The main parts of the flow path of the pump: impellers, guide vanes, sections, shaft, parts of throat seals and unloading unit are made of alloy steels and alloys that provide increased corrosion and wear resistance. This allows to increase the overhaul and pump service life.

Pump name Head, m The power consumed by the pump, kW Efficiancy, %
CNSn 300-140 143 150 74
CNSn 300-210 214 225 75
CNSn 300-290 286 300 75
CNSn 300-360 358 375 76
CNSn 300-430 430 450 76
CNSn 300-500 500 525 77
CNSn 300-570 572 600 77
CNSn 300-650 645 675 78
CNSn 300-720 715 750 78
CNSn 300-800 800 825 79
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