Tandem face seals
Tandem face seals
Tandem-type end sealing 2ТМТ and 2ТМТХ— are used in cases, when single sealing cannot be applied according to security conditions’ requirements (hot oil products, flammable and toxic liquids and other).
Sealing type 2ТМТ, 2ТМТH
Pumped medium temperature, °C from –30 to +200 ºС
to +400 ºС
Piping as in API 682 Plan 52
Can be used in pumps of the following brands NK, NKV, NPS, CNS, CN, PE, SE, D.


Tandem face seals 2ТМТ and 2ТМТХ are designed for use in cases when single seals may not be used for safety reasons (hot oil products, flammable and toxic fluids, etc.). Tandem seals are intended for use with tanks as per Diagram 52, API 682 with clean fluids (not more than 0.2 % of impurities), with good lubricating properties since the interior friction couples operate on pumped fluids, while exterior friction couples operate on buffer liquid from the tank.

2ТМТ seal with a tank is used at up to 200 °С.

2ТМТХ seal with a tank is used at 200 to 400 °С.

Series Pumped medium temperature, °C Piping AS per API 682 Used in pumps, type
2TMT, 2TMTX from -30 to +100 below +400 Layout 52 НК, НКВ, НПС, ЦНС and other centrifugal pump types, third-party pumps.


  • balanced friction couples;
  • cartridge design;
  •  springs arranged outside the medium (product);
  •  auxiliary throttle bushing.

Materials used:

  • Friction pairs — silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, siliconized graphite, anti-friction coal-graphite;
  • Secondary sealing — rubber compounds on the basis of fluorine caoutchouc, ethylenepropylene;
  • Body parts — stainless steel AiSi 420, 321, 318, 316Ti, S31635, 904L.
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