Double end sealing 2ТМ и 2ТМХ
Double end sealing 2ТМ и 2ТМХ
Dual face seals 2ТМ and 2ТМХ are designed for use in cases when atmospheric emission of the pumped product is not allowed (toxic, radioactive, explosive liquids and gases), or when the pumped product has poor lubricating properties (gases, liquefied gases), is severely polluted with abrasive inclusions (up to 25 %), or tends to coking, polymerization, crystallization, etc.
Sealing type 2ТМ, 2ТМХ
Pumped medium temperature, °C from –30 to +200 ºС
to +400 ºС
Обвязка  по API 682 Plan 53А, 53В, 53С, 54
Can be used in pumps of the following brands NK, NKV, NPS, CNS, CN, PE, SE, D.


Dual face seals are only used with barrier liquids with pressure exceeding that of the sealing area by 1 to 3 kgf/cm2 (see API, diagrams 53 and 54). Both friction couples operate on the barrier liquid, which is partly fed into the pumpage and partly emitted into the atmosphere.

2ТМ seals with a tank (API Diagram 53) or with external supply of barrier liquid (API Diagram 54) are used at temperatures below 200 °С.

2ТМХ seals (API, diagrams 53 and 54) are used at temperatures of 200 to 400 °С.

Operating Conditions
Series Pumped medium temperature, °C. Piping as per API 682 Used in pumps, type
2TM, 2TMX from -30 to +200 below +400 Layout 53A, 53B, 53C, 54 NK, NKV, NPS, ЦНС and other centrifugal pump types, third-party pumps.


  • balanced friction couples;
  • cartridge design;
  • springs arranged outside the medium (product);
  • auxiliary throttle bushing.


  • Friction couples: silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, silicified graphite, antifriction carbon–graphite, etc.
  • Secondary seals: FPM, FFKM, EPR blends, etc.
  • Bodywork: Stainless steels 20Х13, 08Х18Н10Т, 10Х17Н13М2Т, 06ХН28МДТ, etc.
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