Centrifugal pumps CNSSh type
Centrifugal pumps CNSSh type
Centrifugal pumps of the CNSSh type are designed for pumping water and other neutral liquids similar to water in density and viscosity, with a pH of 5.5 ... 8.5, with temperature of up to 70 ° C, with a total content of sulfates and chlorides up to 20 g / l, mass concentration of solids up to 1.5% and particle size up to 1 mm.


Horizontal, sectional, multi-stage pumps with one-sided arrangement of impellers. The axial forces of the rotor are perceived by the hydraulic heel assembly of a special design. The rotor bearings are grease-lubricated rolling bearings. The torque from the drive motors is transmitted to the pumps using a sleeve-finger coupling. Pump rotor seals are of stuffing box type.


  1. Optimization of the geometry of the flowing part, impellers, and guide vanes made it possible to increase the efficiency from 74 to 79%.
  2. High purity of surface treatment of cast parts allowed to reduce power consumption of units in 5-9%.
  3. The use of alloy steels and alloys increases the indicators of corrosion and wear resistance, which allows to increase the turnaround time and the service life of the pumps.
  4. The stuffing box of the pump is made in accordance with API 682, which allows the installation of mechanical shaft seals.
  5. The use of dual-core roller bearings of the middle series made it possible to reduce the level of vibration and to operate the pumps without forced cooling of the bearing units, as well as to exclude their replacement during the entire period of operation.
  6. Specially developed design of hydraulic heel allowed to significantly increase the reliability of the pump.
Pump name Head, m The power consumed by the pump, kW Efficiency, %
CNSSh 300-140 143 150 74
CNSSh 300-210 214 225 75
CNSSh 300-290 286 300 75
CNSSh 300-360 358 375 76
CNSSh 300-430 430 450 76
CNSSh 300-500 500 525 77
CNSSh 300-570 572 600 77
CNSSh 300-650 645 675 78
CNSSh 300-720 715 750 78
CNSSh 300-800 800 825 79
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