Heat exchanging tank BTN-12D-35К
Heat exchanging tank BTN-12D-35К
It is intended to store, cool and control quantity, temperature, pressure of barrier liquid, which is used to lubricate and cool of double end sealing. It is used in piping of double end sealing according to the plan 53A API 682.

Specific of design:

  • detachable type construction, bottom with a coil can be disassembled to remove scale and residue;
  • is equipped with a pump pumping NPR 3–35К;
  •  is equipped with Durance glass for liquid level visual control
  • there are provided connecting pipes to connect level, temperature and pressure sensors;
  • is supplied with ball cocks, safety valve, bimetallic thermometer, manometer.


  • stainless steel, AiSi 321H;
  • rubber compounds on the basis of fluorelastomer, perfluorelastomer, ethylenepropylene.
Flush/barrier fluid Mineral oil synthetic oil, diesel fuel, water, etc.
Cooling mixture Chemically desalted water and other heat-transfer agents
Quantity of flush/barrier fluid in a tank, dm3
Flush/barrier fluid temperature incoming to a tank, °C, not more than 80
Working pressure of flush/barrier fluid, MPа, kgf/cm2, not more than 3,5 (35)
Pressure of flush/barrier fluid, MPа, kgf/cm2, not more than 10
Recommended cooling mixture temperature when coming into the tank, °C 20…30
Recommended discharge of cooling mixture, m3/h 0,6…1,2
Calculated power of a built-in heat exchanger , kW 3,5
Mass, kg 58



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