Axial pump type PG
Axial pump type PG
PG pumps are horizontal cantilever pumps with axial fluid supply to the impeller. The main branch of application of pumps of the PG type is the assembly of pumping mobile stations of the SNP(E) type. Pumping stations are designed for irrigation and drainage works, for supplying water from various reservoirs to an open irrigation network with a lifting height of 10 meters.
They work reliably in all climatic conditions, they can pump water with a high content of silt and sand. Used for urban, industrial and agricultural water supply, in construction, municipal, farming and gardening, as well as in the mining and metallurgical industries
Mobile pumping stations are equipped with both electric asynchronous motors (SNPE-500/10) and diesel engines (SNP-500/10). Supply up to 2000 m3/h, pressure up to 11-12 meters. The package includes an axial pump, a pump drive, a control panel, a station frame, a canopy to protect the drive and the control station. By agreement, the equipment can be changed and supplemented.

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