Tubes of TVN (TV)
Tubes of TVN (TV)
Internal non-releasing pipe catchers - TVN are designed to grip tubular elements of drill strings, casing and tubing during fishing operations in oil, gas and exploration wells.

Spearheads of TVN (TV), TVM, TVO, TNZ types are intended for capture and subsequent extraction from wells, during fishing operations, tubing, drill pipes and casing pipes. By the nature of the capture of pipes, the spears are divided into two groups: internal (for gripping by the inner surface) and external (for gripping by the outer
pipe or coupling surface). Internal spears are subdivided into non-releasing and non-releasing.

Захват осуществляется путем заклинивания выдвижных плашек между внутренней или наружной поверхностью захватываемой трубы и стержнем или корпусом труболовки.

С помощью труболовок можно извлекать колонны труб как целиком, так и по частям, предварительно отвинчивая.

Technical characteristics
Type Сonnecting thread (GOST 28487) Outer diameter Length
TVN-48 (TV-48) З-66 80 580
TVN-60 (TV-60) З-76 92 585
TVN-73 (TV-73) З-76 95 775
TVN-89 (TV-89) З-76 110 855
TVN-102 (TV-102) З-88 120 1020
TVN-114 (TV-114) З-88 130 975
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