Zabairachnyi O.A.

Director of development
Novikov M.K.

Chief designer
Polupan S.A.

Chief technologist
Zubenko P.P.

We are very young.

The NGO PLANT enterprise has been created in 2012.

Production of the equipment is organized on the basis of Potentsial Plant. Technical experience and positive traditions of our predecessors allow to make quality production.

We plan to grow and develop by expansion of product range and its continuous improvement.

The special attention at the enterprise is paid to development of the production technology. Thanks to equipment by modern processing equipment with numerical program control providing high flexibility of production, the enterprise with high efficiency carries out not only large, but also orders of small volume with the big nomenclature, necessary for the organizations of a mining industry.

We seek to expand geography of our partners, despite world around problems.

Oil centrifugal pumps NK, NKV, NPS types, dosing plunger pumps ND, NDO, NDR types, three-plunger crank PT, ANP, UNP, UPG, UN types have passed an assessment of compliance to requirements of Technical regulations (directives) for safety of machine (Ukraine).

The enterprise has obtained the declaration compliance of oil centrifugal pumps NK, NKV, NPS to requirements of TR TC 010/2011 "About safety of machine and the equipment" and the certificate of conformity to requirements of TP TC 012/2011 "About safety of the equipment for work in explosive environments".